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Getting someone else to do home repair is a lot easier than doing it yourself, unless you’re the type who’s handy with tools. With the exception of a price tag, hiring a handyman is a simple way to get small repair jobs done, but would you be able to find someone who’s willing to do small odd jobs? Jobber is the all in one solution for skilled handymen and clients alike.

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    APP Development

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    Home Services

  • Published​

    March 10th 2022

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We were tasked with creating a mobile application that allows customers to hire experts for their home services, manage bookings, and pay reasonable prices in exchange for their time and energy. The product will also let people earn money while doing the things they are good at.

UX: more options, more problems

To get a better understanding of the workers’ experiences and pain points and decide on the relevant features for the app, ENGEN conducted user interviews and also performed secondary research, along with a detailed competitor analysis to understand how they are functioning in the market. After a thorough analysis of the research data, ENGEN put together the pain points and goals into a persona to represent the core user base and get a better sense of direction.

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We visualised a representation of the process the user/customer takes to achieve a goal. Vision15 created an information architecture to organise the content in the app in a way that reduces the number of actions by users to perform a given task, thus increasing functionality and efficiency.

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We started by defining core components that could be leveraged while creating a UX architecture that is data-driven and has a reusable application core. This framework enabled applications to wrap the application core, yet provide App-specific initialisation, tasks, and UI components.

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Approaching the go-to-market strategically, our Front-End Designers and Developers began mapping out a simplified UI design to engage prospective consumers naturally. We combined market research with existing customer data to create a hyper-targeted design.

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A fluid visual user experience with creative visual solutions.

Combining client research along with our own user research, we created a visual representation of the key messages and trigger points for incentivising action. This helped both teams easily recognise the moments that matter within the user journey flow.

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