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Pocket Box creates a two-way connection between the auto sector/manufacturers and their customers, solving a joint problem of managing motoring paperwork. Pocket Box’s app also improves data security, reduces fraud, increases trust and efficiency gains for the driver and auto businesses. The app that helps you track all your car, van and motorcycle data and store all your vehicle documents, car service records and policies in one safe secure storage platform.

  • Service

    UX/UI & Development

  • Industry

    Automotive Software

  • Published​

    January 8th 2018

Pocket Box's initial RFP sought an agency to create an app focused on the automotive sector. During our diligent research process, ENGEN helped Pocket Box identify an approach to their app that would drive downloads and loyalty registrations, promote engagement with the brand, and provide users with a sleek and seamless experience.

UX: more options, more problems

To get a better understanding of the workers’ experiences and pain points and decide on the relevant features for the app, ENGEN conducted user interviews and also performed secondary research, along with a detailed competitor analysis to understand how they are functioning in the market. After a thorough analysis of the research data, ENGEN put together the pain points and goals into a persona to represent the core user base and get a better sense of direction.

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The Pocket Box app is as thoughtful as it is innovative. Not only the design of its systems architecture, but the sustainable technology that lives under the hood. With that, we set out to create a flexible mobile experience with as much attention to detail as the software itself.