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Mobile App Development

Successful mobile app development demands not only elegant design and friction-free UX, but also a keen understanding of the fierce competition within your app store category. ENGEN offers the perfect combination of technical expertise and formidable knowledge of the crowded mobile landscape.


Building your own mobile app provides you with a direct line of communication with your target audience, allowing you to reach a larger audience in a more convenient and accessible manner. We build accessibility into your app workflow rather than address it at the end.


A well-designed and functional app can help to strengthen your brand identity and increase customer loyalty. With a user-friendly and visually appealing app, customers are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.


increased productivity:

An app can automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes, freeing up time and resources for important tasks. By automating tasks, you can increase efficiency and productivity, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

what we do

Mobile App Development

what we do


As experts in both Swift and Objective-C, our teams ensure top-quality performance across every kind of Apple device.


Our Android team specialises in personalised, highly efficient products tested on real, non-emulated devices.


Our engineers develop hybrid code so you not only benefit from accelerated time-to-market and reduced maintenance, but reach and engage more users.


When AI is unleashed in mobile apps, it can enable functionality ranging from image recognition to chatbots. It can also bolster your data analytics so you can make informed business decisions.


Mobile apps that capitalize on IoT are revolutionising consumer behaviour. We have experience building apps that connect people, objects, the internet, and data in a range of industries, including healthcare.


Our mobile app developers are experts at leveraging the power of blockchain and creating effective, easy-to-use mobile interfaces for blockchain applications.

Comprehensive Mobile App Development

We have experience with every phase of the mobile app lifecycle, from initial design to launch to maintenance. This means we know what it takes to build a mobile app that is reliable and secure — and has the “wow” factor that keeps users coming back for more.

01 - Mobile Technology Consulting

Armed with sophisticated awareness of the established players and rising stars in your app category, our mobile app development experts help you refine your concept and nail down a stand-out go-to-market strategy.

02 - UI/UX Design

With mobile apps, nothing spells doom quite like poor UI and UX design. We build apps that are visually engaging and offer users a friction-free experience.

03 - Backend Development

Our in-house development team will build your product from scratch, exclusively for you, working as your own highly skilled dev team.

04 - QA And Testing

Our QA lab takes a comprehensive approach to its work, with a focus that goes well beyond assessing mobile app performance to identifying issues with interruptions, connectivity, and compliance.

05 - Release Support

We can help you build and launch your product for multiple platforms, with all the components, in multiple languages, to reach any targeted market.

06 - Ongoing Maintenance

As your app gains traction in the app stores, and as you contemplate new features, your criteria for success will evolve. Our mobile app development engineers are on standby to scale, iterate, and optimise your mobile app as the reviews pour in and its user base grows.


Our latest app development

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Physiotherapy App

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Car diagnostics App

We deliver quality products on time.

We deliver quality app development on time. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, we can provide you with a team of developers and the skills that would take years to build.

We want you to have the in-house experience, knowing the people who work on your project and understand your business, goals and needs.


We believe in being flexible while maintaining direction by mixing agile methodologies with classical project management. We combine the best of both worlds to give you both flexibility and control.


We understand how vital every detail is for your business. The quality control is not only a vital part of our process but focus on detail is one of our primary principals.


We build long-term partnerships with our clients. We believe that there is nothing to hide, and growth is achieved by full transparency. That’s why we always share our progress, thoughts and ideas.


We cherish long-term partnerships and challenging multi-platform projects. We are here to build your dreamt-of digital presence and continually refine it to perfection. Whether you need a mobile app, comprehensive web application, Internet of Things system, chatbot or all of it combined, we’ll design the most suitable solution to fire up your business.